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The Causes of Winter Storm Deaths


What Causes the Large Number of Deaths in the Winter?:

Although the severity of a winter storm depends on your location, your winter preparation could prevent an accidental death due to exposure. Here are the facts on winter exposure deaths.

Winter Deaths Related to Ice and Snow:

About 70% of the accidental deaths in the winter occur in automobiles. This is largely due to traffic accidents.

About 25% of the deaths in the winter season are from people caught outside in a storm.

Winter Deaths Related to Exposure to Cold Temperatures:

50% are people over 60 years old. Unfortunately, many of these are due to overexertion from snow removal and other difficult tasks.

Over 75% are males.

Finally, about 20% of the winter exposure related deaths occur in the home. This is often due to a lack of power and heat sources.

Make a Winter Family Safety Plan to Prevent Death and Injury:

Extensive information is available to help you remain safe in the event of a natural disaster. Preparation is the key during the cold winter months. Get detailed instructions on making a family disaster plan, purchasing automobile safety kits, and survival techniques if you get trapped outside in the winter.

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