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Get to Better Know Your Weather


Weather is our ever-changing, everyday companion. Might as well get better acquainted!  

An Introduction to Weather
Weather Spotlight10

9 Reasons to Become an Atmospheric Scientist

A career in weather science offers many pros, including the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world, and variability of work conditions.

Sun Angle

Sun angle, a word related to the seasons, is defined in the Weather Glossary.

Why We Have Unseasonable Weather

How wiggles in the jet stream mess with our seasons.

Severe Weather Look-Alikes

Amateurs and professionals alike have been guilty of confusing these four pairs of weather events. Which ones have fooled your eyes?

Protecting Yourself and Your Property from Hail Damage

By being prepared for hailstorms you can keep safe from bodily harm and keep property damage to a minimum.

Hailstorms: A Summer Weather Paradox

The idea of ice falling from summer skies may sound alien, but this weather phenomenon, known as hail, is actually quite normal.

Urban Heat Islands: Why Summer Is Hotter In the City

The hustle and bustle of city life not only makes for a "happening" environment, it also makes for a hotter one (literally).

What Is an Excessive Heat Event?

When it comes to summertime temperatures, how much heat is "too much"?

Summer Weather Safety

Heat may be a top weather-related killer, but it's not the only event to wreak havoc on your summertime health and comfort.

3 Things You Didn't Know about Tornado Alley

Think you're a tornado expert? Discover 3 things you never knew about the United States' infamous Tornado Alley region.

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