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3 Things You Didn't Know about Tornado Alley

Think you're a tornado expert? Discover 3 things you never knew about the United States' infamous Tornado Alley region.

Wind Scales

The 3 types of wind scales are defined in the About.com Weather Glossary.

Numerical Weather Prediction and Modeling: A History

Have you ever listened to a weather forecast and heard the meteorologist mention something about "models?" If so, you were probably left wondering just what a weather model is.

Beware of These 4 Weather Alerts This Summer

Has one of these alerts been issued for your area? It means that your body is in serious danger of heat stress!

Weather vs. Climate: What's the Difference?

Apparently time isn't just money...it's also what separates weather from climate.

Why Bank Thermometers Can't Be Trusted

When it comes to temperature displays at the entrances of banks and other businesses, take the 'X-Files' approach: Trust No One.

What Dreaming of Weather Can Tell You About Your Emotions

Can't forget last night's dream of that tornado or wind storm this morning? It may be a sign that your feelings are getting the best of you (whether you realize it or not).

6 Things You Should Never Do During a Lightning Storm

Guilty of not heeding your grandma's advice of quieting down during a thunderstorm? You may take her recommendations more seriously after reading this.

Disney Hurricanes

How many times have Walt Disney parks closed due to inclement weather/hurricanes? Find out here.

11 Hurricane Evacuation Questions Answered

New to the hurricane evacuation process? Or maybe it's just been a while? Here are 11 things you'll need (and want) to know if you live or frequently vacation along the U.S. coast.

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