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Weather 101

Get a basic understanding of what weather is, why we have it, and the many processes that go into producing its different types. 
  1. Air Masses & Weather Fronts (6)
  2. Air Pressure (2)
  3. Circulations & Winds (7)
  4. Heating the Atmosphere (1)
  5. Temperature (8)
  6. Weather Glossary
  7. What is the Atmosphere? (4)

The Layers of the Atmosphere
The atmosphere is comprised of multiple layers (much like the skin of an onion). Explore the characteristics of each.

What is Weather?
Weather happens everyday, but have you ever wondered why?

Are You Weather Ready?
Follow these safety tips for 7 severe weather situations.

Weather in the (Indoor) World Around You
The open air isn't the only place weather can be found.

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