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Learn Weather Basics in 5 to 10 Minutes with Simple Projects

You are on your way to forecasting the weather news just like a meteorologist! Gather a few simple and free materials, follow the directions, and GO! You can search for weather experiments by browsing, or just pick one. No experiment has to be done in order.

Simulate a Weather Front
Make your very own weather front in a jar! Use these step by step instructions to create a weather front for yourself or for the classroom!

Make a Monthly Climate Data Calendar
Using an online tool, you can interactively create a climate calendar for several Midwest states. The calendar displays average heating and cooling days, average temperatures, and precipitation. Each weather calendar is unique and YOU choose the scientific data to represent.

Track the Path of an Atlantic Hurricane Using a Computer Simulation
Use an interactive hurricane tracker to study wind speed and Saffir-Simpson Scale hurricane category ratings.

Calculate the Heat Index in your Local Area
You know it is hot, but is it a dry heat? Are you in danger of heat stroke? Use an online calculator to calculate Heat Index. Advanced heat index equations are available, or plug some numbers in for the temperature and humidity and you will know if you need to go inside on that hot summer day!

Make a Cloud in a Bottle
The key ingredients of cloud formation are easy to replicate in a jar or bottle. This quick demonstration will show you how to make your own clouds.

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