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Top 10 Weather Radios and Scanners


Every family needs a weather radio in the event of a severe weather emergency for keeping alert of the latest storm warnings and watches. Below you will find a list of weather radios and scanners. The products are in no particular order because every family has different needs and budgets.

1. Midland 74-250C 9-Code Hand-Held Weather Radio with S.A.M.E.

Perfect for camping and hiking, this portable weather alert radio keeps you constantly alerted to potential hazardous conditions. Thanks to S.A.M.E. technology, you won't be disturbed by warnings that don't affect your direct area.
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2. Cobra C75-WXST 40 Channel CB Radio with Weather Radio and Remote Mount System

The Cobra 75 WX ST Remote Mount CB Radio keeps you in touch while on the road. SoundTracker patented technology provides powerful transmissions with less static, so your voice can be clearly understood. Frequent travelers will appreciate the remote mount feature, which allows you to remove the handpiece for security or use in other vehicles. Access to seven NOAA and three international weather channels help you avert bad weather and dangerous road conditions.
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3. Weather Alert Radios for Vacation and Travel

Going on vacation may mean you are headed to an area that has a high likelihood of severe weather such as hurricanes. Carrying a weather alert radio when travelling may keep you safe. Most are small and able to fit in a suitcase permanently.
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4. Midland WR-100B Weather Radio

The Midland weather radio receives weather and all hazard alerts using S.A.M.E. technology so you can get localized reception. It gets all NOAA weather channels and includes 25 programmable functions, an alarm clock, and a digital display.
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5. Cobra HH38WXST Hand Held CB 10 Channel Weather Radio

Receives transmission from all 10 NOAA weather channels SoundTracker technology reduces static and noise 4 watts of output power 4-mile range Recharging, speaker and microphone jacks Includes DC power cord.
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6. Innovage Outdoor AM/FM Weather Band Radio with LED Light and Optional Strobe

This AM/FM outdoor weather radio from Innovage delivers high-quality audio and around-the-clock weather reports. Ideal for emergencies, power outages, using in the garage and while camping, this compact and sturdy radio is the perfect size to take with you wherever you may go.
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7. Eton Grundig FR300 Emergency Radio with TV/Weather/AM/FM Bands

Whether you need to track emergency news, are curious about the weather forecast, or merely want to listen to the audio tracks of your favorite TV program, the Eton FR300 is a perfect fit. The crank-powered radio includes an AM/FM tuner a host of other audio options. The radio also offers such features as a built-in LED light for illumination, a flashing red emergency light, an emergency siren, as well as cell phone charger--all perfect for roadside crises. Includes a wind-up generator.
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8. Oregon Scientific WEATHER RADIO WRB308/BOXS

The Weather Station provides the height of technology with barometric forecast, indoor/outdoor temperature, and alarm clock. It also serves as a docking/ recharge station for the WR108 for audible weather forecasts and public alerts. And, when you go traveling or have to leave in a hurry, just grab the WR108 and go. A handsome addition to your home and office, and a real life saver when it counts.
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9. NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Clock and Flashlight

NOAA Weather Radio With Alert. Receives regional weather forecasts and emergency alerts from the National Weather Service 24 hours a day, Monitors 7 weather channels, Emergency alert standby mode with loud alert, Digital clock display, Built in flashlight, Volume control knob, Springfield Precise Temp brand.
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10. Sony ICF-M410V Portable AM/FM/TV/Weather Band Radio

Sony’s ICF-M410V Portable AM/FM/TV Band/Weather Band Radio is perfect for travel. Its Ergonomic Designer-Look Styling demands to be seen as you enjoy the 4 Band Digital Synthesized Tuner (AM/FM/TV/Weather) with Shuttle Dial Operation, and use the 5 Direct Keys to tune into your favorite stations at the touch of a button.
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