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Climate & the Environment

Climate is one of society's hottest topics (no pun intended). These articles will help you learn where we've been, where we're going, how fast we'll get there, and steps you can take to help save our Earth. Trends, temperatures, and general environmental concerns are discussed.
  1. Climate Data (3)
  2. Global Warming (11)
  3. Oceanic Influences and Interactions with Weather Systems (6)
  4. Ozone Information (7)
  5. Polar Climate (1)
  6. Weather and Politics (2)
  7. Weather and Society (11)

Temperate, Torrid, Frigid Climate Zones
Learn about the world's first climate classification system, which only consisted of three climate zones--the torrid, temperate, and frigid. As with many other inventions, we have the ancient Greeks to thank!

The Köppen System of Climate Classification
Think the Köppen climate classification looks like gibberish? Learn what each letter means and how you can find the Köppen classification of any location world-wide.

Top 10 FAQs About Climate Change & Global Warming
Get answers to some of your most controversial questions about climate change.

The Complete Köppen Climate Classification Chart
A complete listing of the world's climates as classified by the Koppen climate classification system.

The Warmest Years on Record
The race for the title of 'warmest year on record' is on. Scientists have finally collected the land and ocean temperatures for all of 2010 with a startling conclusion...

Top 10 Warmest Januarys to Decembers in the U.S.
A running list of which years held the warmest of each calendar month.

Global Warming vs. Climate Change
Global Warming Vs. Climate Change - What is the difference?

Is Air Quality Worse Midweek vs. Weekends?
Humans seem to be the culprits for air pollution in an amazing discovery made via NASA satellites. While air pollutants can come from both natural and artificial sources, humans are actually making certain days of the week worse. Find out which days of the week you are at the most risk for low air quality related health problems.

Taking Earth's Temperature
While it is now widely accepted that our planet is warming, the debate is far from over. This slideshow will help you make an informed decision about which cause (natural, anthropogenic, or maybe even a bit of both) is leading recent trends.

Earth's Seasons
Weather changes depending on Earth's seasons, but does it cause them?

Astronomical vs. Meteorological Seasons
If someone asked you when each of the seasons occur, how would you respond? Your answer may depend on whether you think of the seasons in a more traditional, or a more weather-related sense.

The Winter Solstice
Cold and snow can arrive as early as October, but it isn't officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere until the winter solstice occurs.

What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?
The difference between weather and climate is easy to describe. Find out the difference between weather versus climate in this essay.

Why are storms so common in springtime?
Why are storms so common in springtime? Find out!

What Caused the Dust Bowl in the US Midwest in the 1930's?
NASA scientists think they have found out why the great "Dust Bowl" of the 1930's had such a devastating effect. Learn the details of what caused this drought and the storms that devastated the economy.

How Weather Determines Your Pollen Forecast
Learn which weather conditions are making your spring allergies go haywire, and which in your 5-day forecast might offer you some relief.

The Spring Equinox
Find out what happens to bring the return of warm temperatures in spring.

How Weather Affects Fall Colors
Contrary to popular belief, weather doesn't cause leaves to change color; but it does determine color intensity and arrival.

How Weather Affects Your Health and Mood
Find out how things like air pressure, air quality, and a changing climate can take their toll on your health and mood.

Storm Stats: Extreme Heat
An at-a-glance guide to extreme heat. Learn the hazards of heat, how to interpret watches/warnings, and how to "keep your cool" no matter what the temperature.

Download a Printable Brochure on Summer Heat Waves
Are you ready for a killer summer? Read this brochure so you don't end up with a heat related illness.

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