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Climate is one of society's hottest topics (no pun intended). These articles will help you learn where we've been, where we're going, how fast we'll get there, and steps you can take to mitigate the negative side effects we humans have on our atmosphere.
  1. Archive of Older Climate Articles (7)
  2. Climate: Lessons & Labs (1)
  3. Global Warming and Temperature Trends (9)
  4. Oceanic Interactions with Weather Systems (3)
  5. Our Four Seasons (6)
  6. Ozone and Air Pollution (9)
  7. Weather and Politics (2)
  8. Weather and Society (11)

Global Warming vs. Climate Change
Global Warming Vs. Climate Change - What is the difference?

Yesterday's Weather
Learn how the weather observations of today offer us clues about those of tomorrow.

Temperate, Torrid, Frigid Climate Zones
Learn about the world's first climate classification system, which only consisted of three climate zones--the torrid, temperate, and frigid. As with many other inventions, we have the ancient Greeks to thank!

The Köppen System of Climate Classification
Think the Köppen climate classification looks like gibberish? Learn what each letter means and how you can find the Köppen classification of any location world-wide.

The Complete Köppen Climate Classification Chart
A complete listing of the world's climates as classified by the Koppen climate classification system.

Taking Earth's Temperature
While it is now widely accepted that our planet is warming, the debate is far from over. This slideshow will help you make an informed decision about which cause (natural, anthropogenic, or maybe even a bit of both) is leading recent trends.

How Weather Affects Your Health and Mood
Find out how things like air pressure, air quality, and a changing climate can take their toll on your health and mood.

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