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Beaufort Wind Scale - Weather Definition


Beaufort Wind Scale

Breezes, gales, storms, and even hurricanes can be measured using the Beaufort Scale for Wind Intensity.

NOAA Photo Library
Definition: Originally invented in 1805 by Admiral Francis Beaufort of the British Navy, the Beaufort Wind Intensity Scale is used to estimate wind speeds based on observation of objects in relationship to the wind. An excellent image of wind speed damage from the National Weather Service shows hand-drawn images of the types of destruction caused by various wind speeds.

Example:A Strong Gale will cause branches to break from trees, but a Full Gale will uproot a tree. The difference between the force of the wind is in its observed effects on objects including trees, water, and buildings.

Pronunciation: (BEW-fert scale)
Also Known As: The Wind Intensity Scale
Common Misspellings: Beufort Scale

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