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Ambient Temperature


Definition: The ambient temperature is a non-specific phrase used to describe the outside temperature. When taking the temperature with a thermometer, you are getting a general idea of the temperature of the surrounding air without taking into account the daily maximum and minimum temperature. Ambient temperature also does not take into account the humidity or wind in the air. The amount of moisture (mugginess) or humidity in the air can create higher temperatures which will cause the heat index to increase. Winds can also play a role in how cold a temperature will feel to a human. The wind chill factor can cause the air to have a perceived lower temperature.

To measure the ambient air temperature, all you need is a thermometer. When calculating the relative humidity in the air, the ambient temperature is also referred to as the dry bulb temperature. The dry bulb temperature is a measure of the dry air temperature without evaporative cooling.

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Also Known As: Air temperature
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