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Check the Levels of Atmospheric Ozone Near Your House


Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer NASA Satellite Mission Patch

TOMS NASA Satellite Mission Patch

Are you in danger of suffering from increased UV radiation exposure? If you live on earth, then you are! In fact, NASA, ESA, JAXA, and more are working on solutions to the ozone layer problem. The ozone hole, first discussed in the 1970s, has brought great attention to the little talked about stratospheric layer of the atmosphere since that time.

Now, you can check on the level of ozone in your home state or country anywhere in the world by following a few easy steps.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. If you do not currently know the latitude and longitude for your hometown, go to Maporama and enter your country and address into the search boxes. If your address comes up unknown, try using an address for a widely popular location in your local area.

  2. Once you have your latitude and longitude location, go to the TOMS Ozone Satellite Web site. Enter your latitude and longitude in the box below the world map image.

  3. The TOMS Satellite data image also allows the user to input the date of the desired information. You can choose any day between January 1st, 2004 and today. Enter in the date you need the information.

  4. The information is displayed in a unit called the Dobson Unit. For more information on the dobson unit, Each of these steps will lead to a greater total understanding of the ozone hole.

  5. Older data between November, 1978 and December, 1994 and from August, 1996 to the present can be accessed using specific satellites such as the Nimbus-7, Meteor-3, ADEOS, Earth Probe, and OMI.

  6. There! You have the total "column" ozone above your house! Keep in mind, this is NOT the same as the dangerous ground level ozone that is a part of smog. For more information on this type of ozone, read the short tutorial on Ground Level Ozone.


  1. Teachers may want to use this information to create lesson plans on gathering ozone data. For even more lessons on the ozone hole, go to the Ozone Solutions Page.

  2. Data values are blank on certain days between May, 1993 and December, 1994 due to satellite constraints.

What You Need

  • A Computer with an Internet Connection

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