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Reader Submissions: Ways to Beat Cabin Fever When You Are Snowed In


Being trapped in your house when the snow flies can be a challenge. Beyond the fact that there are often power outages and no way to get to a store for supplies, being trapped by snow can leave people frustrated. If the snow lingers for days, a feeling of cabin fever can set in. Kids and families can feel like there is nothing interesting to do.

Using Light Therapy

I walk the dogs or take them skiing --even when the weather is miserable. They love it and it does me good -- both for the exercise and because it makes them happy.I spend 30 min per day with my ligh…More

Beating Cabin Fever with Board Games

Our favorite games are those that take a lot of thought. Drawing games, fun phrases, and laughter have to be a part of the activity. First, we make an effort to have everyone decide which game we are…More

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