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Reader Submissions: Strange Cloud Photos


Strange clouds can be seen all around the world. From hole punch clouds to contrails in mysterious shapes, there are plenty of clouds that don't quite meet the expectations of the standard cloud types. Even non-meteorological examples of clouds can often be seen in the sky such as mushroom clouds and volcanic clouds. Sometimes, readers armed with a camera or cell phone will snap photos of these clouds. Take a look at some of the strange clouds captured and submit your own images.

Clouds Appear to Have Steps

Taken in Dundee, Scotland. I caught the storm as it ended. The image was taken as a storm moved off. The season is spring, late evening. Sunlight has filtered through the stepped part of the cloud, w…More

Hole Punch Cloud

I saw this cloud with such a strange shape recently. It seemed to be moving along in one solid mass with a definite shape. From what I hear now it's called a punch cloud. I caught the image in Clifto…More

A Cloud - Before and After

The weather was very hot an humid. It was very clear outside and was not raining. The sun was out and being relentless! The season was summer, and like everyone, I just happened to be outside that da…More

Cloud Photos

The weather was warm and pleasant, sunny but not too hot. It was warmer than previous days with a little cloud. Very mild. It was the 1st of September 2010, late summer. There was little to no breeze…More

Cloud Photos

The weather was fine and sunny from what I can gather about the picture. I live in Cebu Island which is right beside Negros Island. The picture was taken in the Port of San Carlos City in the Island …More

Hole Punch Clouds

These are hole punch clouds. According to the NASA website where I got the picture, these clouds formed as follows:This strange phenomenon resulted from a combination of cold temperatures, air traffi…More

Contrails from the Space Shuttle

The weather was clear. It was in the spring in Florida. I looked up in the sky and saw the space shuttle launching from Kennedy space center while were were in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. It w…More

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