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National Weatherperson's Day

Celebrating Those Who Work in Weather on February 5


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Celebrated on February 5, National Weatherperson's Day is a day to recognize the meteorologists, climatologists, hydrologists, and more than 40,000 weather volunteers across the nation who provide Americans with daily weather information and warning services. 

The Significance of February 5th

National Weatherperson's day is celebrated on the birthday of a man named John Jeffires (1744 to 1819), a Boston physician credited as being the first known volunteer weather observer in the United States.

Jeffries started taking daily weather measurements in his hometown of Boston in 1777. Nearly ten years later, he accompanied French inventor Jean-Pierre Blanchard on two of the first hot air balloon flights over London, during which he took some of the first mid-air weather observations. He continued taking observations up until three years before his death. 

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