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What Is the World Record Highest Wind Speed?


Cross covered in ice Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Bryce Pincham/Stone/Getty Images
Question: What Is the World Record Highest Wind Speed?

UPDATE: January 2010

The World Meteorological Organization has verified and concluded that a new non-tornadic wind speed record has been set in Australia. The new record is 408 km/h during Tropical Cyclone Olivia in 1996.

Answer: The highest recorded wind speed ever measured by an anemometer was recorded at the Mount Washington Observatory on April 12, 1934. The recorded wind speed was 231 mph (372 kmh).

Mt. Washington is a location known for severe weather. Intense cold, heavy fogs, and deep snow makes this location in New Hampshire famous for its weather. Mt. Washington stands at 6288 feet and is the highest peak in the Northeast United States. The mountain is part of the Presidential Range of mountains which includes Mt. Adams and Mt. Eisenhower in the White Mountains. Air is commonly forced over the mountains, making it a prime location for high wind speeds.

The Mount Washington Observatory

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