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The Science Behind the Movie Twister - A Guide for Science Teachers

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The Bottom Line

Click the Compare Prices button below to find the best price on a comprehensive book that will teach the science behind the making of the blockbuster hit "Twister" starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

My advice?...Buy this book! If you teach any topic on weather, including thunderstorms, lightning, and tornadoes, you will want to read this book!

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  • Students always ask, and now you can explain if the movie was factual!
  • You can add this book to the library for research purposes.


  • Too bad this book isn't in movie format as well!


  • Learn the science behind the movie Twister and pass the knowledge onto your science students.
  • Students can use this book as a reference for understanding tornadoes.
  • The price is cheap enough to buy an entire classroom set of books.

Guide Review - The Science Behind the Movie Twister - A Guide for Science Teachers

What better way to excite students than to show a video clip from the movie "Twister"? After all, the movie was made to excite audiences! With your science students as an audience, try showing small clips of this video and then asking...Do tornadoes really do that? Is Dorothy real? How much of the clip was true? Trust me, your students will love it. I know! I've tried it!

With this book, you will find information on the making of this blockbuster film and you will understand the science behind tornadoes.

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