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10 Famous Meteorologists


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Jim Cantore
StormTracker Jim Cantore is a modern day meteorologist that is enjoying a lot of fame. He is one of the most highly-recognized faces in weather today. While most people seem to like Cantore, they do not want him to come to their neighborhood. When he shows up somewhere, it is usually indicative of deteriorating weather!

Cantore seems to have a deep desire to be right where the storm is going to hit. It is obvious from his forecast, though, that Cantore does not take his job lightly. He has a tremendous respect for the weather, what it can do, and how quickly it can change.

His interest in being so close to the storm comes mainly from his desire to protect others. If he is there, showing how dangerous it is, he hopes that he will be able to show others why they should not be there. Those that see the danger of weather through Cantore’s eyes will hopefully better understand how serious weather conditions can be.

He is best known for being on-camera and involved with the weather from an up-close-and-personal standpoint, but he has had many other contributions to the field of meteorology as well. He used to be almost entirely responsible for ‘The Fall Foliage Report,’ and he also worked on the ‘Fox NFL Sunday’ team, reporting on weather and how it would affect a particular football game on a given day. He has a long list of extensive reporting credits as well, including the X-Games, PGA tournaments, and space shuttle Discovery launches.

He has also hosted specific documentaries for The Weather Channel and has does some studio reporting for that station when he is in Atlanta. The Weather Channel was his first job right out of college, and he has never looked back.

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