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Weather History

The history of meteorology and weather science is a vast knowledge category covering topics ranging from the creation of the National Weather Service, to historical events changed by the weather, to the men and women of forecasting. Join us on a step back in time as we look at the history of meteorology and weather!
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The Weather of the RMS Titanic
A look at weather conditions from Southampton to the western North Atlantic around the time of Titanic's voyage in mid-April 1912

Vilhelm Bjerknes
Meet the man known as the "father" of modern meteorology.

Numerical Weather Prediction and Forecast Models: A History

Historic Halloween Storms
These hurricanes and snowstorms wreaked havoc on the dates just prior to, and on October 31.

Billion Dollar Weather Events of 2012
A list of 2012's costliest natural disasters in the U.S.

The 1993 Storm of the Century
A profile of the most devastating winter storm in U.S. history since the Great Blizzard of 1888. Storm origin, track, and record-setting conditions are discussed.

The History of the United States Weather Bureau 1753-1891
US Weather Bureau History is covered from 1753-1891

Weather History: Meteorological Agencies in the United States
Weather history is an exciting topic of research. Here, I present a condensed and edited version of the chronological evolution of meteorological institutions in the United States. The original publication was through a supplement of the United States Weather Bureau Monthly Weather Review from January 1931 written by Eric R. Miller.


10 Famous Meteorologists
Whether you call them meteorologists or weather people, these famous forecasters and scientists provide a lot of insight into weather science!

The Great Hurricanes of New England 1635, 1815, 1938
Get the details on hurricanes in the New England area as well as a hurricane history photo gallery. Details about three major hurricanes to hit the Northern portions of the East Coast of the United States make every person feel unsafe about the possibilities of a hurricane hitting their hometown!

The Ways Weather and Climate Change Historical Events
Weather and history are integrated topics each having lasting consequences for the other. In fact, everything from space shuttle disasters, to African American history, to music education, and more are weather science topics that can be analyzed for their (sometimes) negative outcomes on historical events.

10 Non-Military Historical Events Drastically Changed by the Weather
History changes as a result of key weather events. From the Hindenburg to Bubonic Plague to the Challenger accident and more, you will learn the role of weather in changing historical events. This exciting tour will lead you through 10 events that changed the course of history! A great addition to a history and science integration lesson plan for educators!

Blame It on the Rain: How the Weather Has Changed History
Blame It on the Rain: How the Weather has Changed History is a new book by author Laura Lee which details how the weather has rewritten historical events. With over 50 short stories ranging from strategic war defeats, to religious occurrences, and to cultural changes, Ms. Lee details the ways in which common weather phenomena literally changed the history books.

Book Excerpt from BLAME IT ON THE RAIN
Weather and history are sometimes intimately related as important events in history have been forever altered due to a sudden rain downpour or temperature extremes. This detailed article connects you to the ways in which history and weather have been partners as meteorological events. Here, author Laura Lee discusses a slave revolt.

Weather Vanes: A Brief History
Weather vanes have been used since at least the first century B.C. These primitive but easy to use weather instruments are the subject of both collectible history and weather history.

Weather Records
A committee of people dedicated to verifying extreme weather records, known as the National Climate Extremes Committee (NCEC), are responsible for the list you will see below. These weather records were established by a recommendation from the NCEC to NOAA. Established in 1997, the team is responsible for only national weather extremes. While...

What Caused the Dust Bowl in the US Midwest in the 1930's?
NASA scientists think they have found out why the great "Dust Bowl" of the 1930's had such a devastating effect. Learn the details of what caused this drought and the storms that devastated the economy.

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