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Weather Lore - Old Fashioned Forecasting

Weather tales have survived through the ages, but which are true? Browse this list of weather folklore to find out!

Groundhog Day Explained
Find out the story behind Groundhog Day, and why it is we celebrate it.

Weather Folklore Explained
You've heard of red skies, mackerel tails, and other weather lore - but where do these sayings come from?

Winter Weather Folklore
Will it be a bad winter? Nature says "yes" if these signs are present.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb
Discover the meaning behind this popular piece of March lore.

Spring Cold Snaps
Ever heard of a Blackberry winter and wondered what it is?

Christmas Weather Lore
Find out how your Christmas Day forecast foretells of weather to come in the new year.

Can Crickets Really Tell You the Temperature Outside?
Hearing crickets chirp is a true sound of summer. If you listen hard enough, you can tell what the temperature is outside! Find out how!

Mare's Tails and Mackerel Scales
Mackerel scales and mare’s tails, make lofty ships carry low sails. Is the weather folklore true or false?

Is Groundhog Day True? Can I Expect More Winter?
A look at Groundhog Day and the "Groundhog Day" movie from a number of perspectives. This article considers the significance of Groundhog Day!

Weird Precipitation
A list of the top 5 weirdest things to "precipitate" from the sky.

Weather Folklore Worksheet for Students and Teachers
Decode the weather symbols to reveal weather folklore!

Make a Homemade Barometer to Investigate Weather Folklore
Learn to make your own barometer with a coffee can, a straw, and a balloon. Then investigate weather folklore.

Raining Cats and Dogs: Weather Folklore Explained
It Is Raining Cats and Dogs - This popular weather folklore or weather saying is explained.

Weird Weather
These atmospheric phenomenon are more science fiction than weather science.

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