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Weather Forecasting, Forecast Tools & Techniques

How do meteorologists prepare forecasts? Learn about the data gathering and analysis process, and the instruments, tools, and National Weather Service products used in developing your area forecasts. Weather maps, symbols, and tricks of the trade are also explained.
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5 Reasons Why People Hate the TV Weatherman
Why do people love to hate the weatherman?

U.S. Geographic Regions
How well do you know your geography? Learning these geographic locations, and the weather of each, will help you better understand national forecasts - and may even prepare you for the geobee!

Z Time Explained
Meteorologists use a different unit of time than the local 12-hour clock.

How To Speak "Forecasting"
Weather forecasts are meant to inform the public, but they’re not always communicated in a straightforward manner. Make sure you know what your forecast is telling you.

Daily High and Low Temperatures
Learn more about daily high and low temperatures, including the time of day when each can occur.

Forecasting Ranges
Learn the difference between short range, medium range, long range, and outlook forecasts.

Winter Weather - Difficult Weather to Forecast
Ever wonder why winter weather forecasts seem less accurate than say, forecasting rain? Forecast difficulties, including precipitation type and amount, are discussed.

The National Weather Service Has Issued...
Get acquainted with the family of National Weather Service agencies responsible for issuing forecasts in the U.S.

Learn to Forecast
Resources to help you learn how to make a forecast.

Using Upper Air Charts to Issue a Forecast
These 5 weather charts are essential to understanding how the current and forecast atmosphere is behaving.

Numerical Weather Prediction
A history of how mathematics earned a place in weather forecasting.

Forecast Models
Forecast models are a meteorologist's friend, but tend to be total strangers to everyone else. Learn what they are, how they work and are used, and which are currently run in North America.

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