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Brush up on your weather safety. Never get caught off guard! 
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Summer Weather Safety

Severe Weather Safety Positions
When severe weather hits, strike a (safety) pose.

Weather Animations
Weather animations can help to enhance weather science knowledge by allowing the user to view a meteorological process step-by-step. Each animation in this list has been chosen for its high quality and accuracy. In addition, I have chosen animations that cover a range of meteorology topics at various levels of understanding. Teachers and students may want to use these animations when creating sci…

Using Weather Songs in the Classroom: A Lesson Guide for Teachers
Teach students about weather using music in this wonderful lesson plan series. The top 10 songs from 5 decades are broken down for educators to present to students in the classroom as an interactive and fun way to get meteorology vocabulary into the minds of kids. Using weather songs in the classroom will help you to make science interesting at any level in school.

Track the Path of an Atlantic Hurricane Using a Computer Simulation
The online interactive hurricane tracker takes you on the path of a tropical cyclone as you see the development from tropical depression, to tropical storm, and finally to hurricane.

Education Experts Needed to Write Weather Science Curriculum
Use this weather science curriculum model to create effective and innovative lesson plans and submit them for possible publication. You can be the next education writer to appear in a book or on the web!

Attend a NASA Climate Change Conference for Educators and Students
Teachers, students, and museum staff are invited to register for an upcoming conference at NASA on climate change. This nearly free educational class offers educators the chance to get new global warming lesson plan ideas and information to use with students across the country. NASA instruments and satellites will be discussed as new data collection techniques are highlighted.

Become a Real Weather Satellite Educator with Free Training Materials
Teachers around the world can learn to use satellites in the classroom with membership into the Satellite Educators Association. Learn how to improve students achievement and increase understanding of the use of satellites in weather forecasting.

Teaching About Tsunamis
Teaching about tsunamis is an important part of any earth science course. The causes of a tsunami, safety information, and history of tsunamis are presented in a series of educational resources including tsunami lesson plans and brochures for teaching.

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