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Top 10 Free Tornado Videos - See the Power of a Twister!


All free tornado videos are courtesy of Tornado Tim at Tornado Chaser. Make your own personal donation to tornado safety and education!

Depending on your internet connection speed, the tornado videos can take a few moments to download.

1. The Wichita, Kansas Air Force Base Tornado

Taken from the McConnell Air Force Base, this tornado was extremely intense. Having once lived near this area, I heard a rumor that the airman who took this video got in a lot of trouble for not protecting himself! The images were taken from the on-base housing units. The tornado passed within 50 yards of the videographer on April 26th, 1991.

2. Another View of the April 26th, 1991 Kansas Tornado

A terrifying home video of the ravages of the air force base tornado can be seen in this clip.

3. A Kansas Tornado Rips Through a House

Watch this step-by-step account of a tornado as it hits a house in Hesston, Kansas, March 13, 1990.

4. April 26, 1991 Red Rock, Oklahoma Tornado

This 8 minute video is a scary scene in Oklahoma in 1991.

5. Why Overpasses Are Not Safe Tornado Shelters

Near El Dorado, Kansas, the April 26th, 1991 tornado chases a news crew as they search for shelter. With commentary, this is a great view of the terror experienced during a tornado. Winds can be heard in the background.

6. Using Overpasses as Tornado Shelters - Part II

Yet more evidence why you shouldn't seek out an overpass for protection from a tornado.

7. The May 26th, 1973 Tornado is Seen Appearing in the Sky

Although silent, this clip really shows a tornado coming down from the storm clouds and forming right before your eyes.

8. Andover Tornado 1991 Damage Survey

This F5 caused massive damages in Kansas.

9. Topeka, Kansas – June 8th, 1966

A nice older clip from 1966 shows an early image of a tornado in motion.

10. Tornado Siren Testing in Oklahoma City

Even if you live outside Tornado Alley, you will know what a tornado siren sounds like.

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