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The National Weather Festival Storm Chaser Car Show


Chris Caldwell is a professional storm chaser. Working for a news channel in Oklahoma, Chris is an expert on severe weather. He is also an annual participant in the Storm Chaser Car Show. This event brings in severe weather enthusiasts, storm chasers, and tornado researchers from around the country.
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Storm Chaser Car AwardsHummer H3 Storm Spotter VehicleThe Meat Wagon Prize at the Storm Chaser Car AwardsFast Unit 55
Chris Caldwell Shares His Storm KnowledgeThe Best Looking Chase Vehicle AwardChad Albee and the Most Working Sensors AwardStorm Chaser Car Show ImagesMost Cutting Edge Chase Car
Storm Chaser Car Show Images2006 National Weather FestivalStorm Chaser Car Show Images2 More Storm Chase CarsBest Looking Storm Chaser CarFord Expedition Chase Car
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