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Learn about temperature, one of the basic elements of weather and climate.

Daily High and Low Temperatures
Learn more about daily high and low temperatures, including the time of day when each can occur.

The Diurnal Cycle
You've heard that the hottest part of the day is between 10 and 3 o'clock, but have you ever wondered why? The answer lies with Earth's diurnal cycle.

Can Crickets Really Tell You the Temperature Outside?
Hearing crickets chirp is a true sound of summer. If you listen hard enough, you can tell what the temperature is outside! Find out how!

Apparent Temperature
Have you ever stepped outside on a fair 70-something degree day to find that it feels more like 80 degrees? What you feel is known as the apparent temperature.

Calculate the Heat Index
Use an online calculator to calculate the Heat Index in your area. Advanced heat index equations are available, or plug some numbers in for the temperature and humidity.

Evaporative Cooling, Sweating, and the Heat Index
Do you spend time outside in the summer heat? Then you need to know why you sweat! Evaporative cooling is the process by which air moves across an item and cools by evaporation. Find out the relationship between relative humidity and decreases in evaporative cooling processes.

Picture Perfect Summer Weather
An atmospheric recipe for fair, sunny days.

What are the Highest Temperatures Ever Reported Worldwide?
Each continent has a set of temperature extremes measured daily. Find a list of the highest temperatures ever recorded!

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