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Torrential Rain


Pedestrians, payphone and a typhoon Hong Kong
Brent Winebrenner/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images
Definition: Torrential rain is any amount of rain that is considered especially heavy. There is not a formal definition of torrential rains as recognized by the National Weather Service. The proclamation that rains are torrential simply means the amount of rain is abundant, had a fast on-set, or lasts for a long period of time.

Hazards associated with torrential rains include flash floods, stream flooding, and landslides. Heavy rain events can also be accompanied by high winds and lightning. If it rains over an area for a long period of time, secondary damages can also result as the ground becomes saturated with precipitation. This can cause problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, if temperatures are low enough, freeze-thaw cycles can cause problems for other structures including roadways.

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