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Top 5 Reasons You May be in Danger in the US


Severe storms cost the United States lives...homes...and money. In particular the monetary costs of severe weather events can be in the billions of dollars.

Severe weather events happen all over the world. But the United States gets more severe weather than any other country on Earth. Why?

Five Factors Contribute to Increased Severe Weather in the US

1. The Central Plains

The central plains are a perfect flat alleyway between the Rockies and the Appalachians creating a straight shot for cold polar air to clash with moist warm air from the gulf region. This leads to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as these air masses collide on frontal boundaries in the Plains regions.

2. Other Countries are Shielded

Other countries are shielded by mountainous or geographic boundaries on the shorelines which prevent severe storms such as hurricanes from coming ashore easily. And, moist southern air doesn't get the chance to collide with cold polar air to produce severe storms in the first place.

3. The Size of the US

The size of the United States is very large. It covers more than 3.5 million square miles. It is a large target for severe weather!

4. Oceanfront Property

Oceanfront proerty may NOT be a good idea. The shear exposure to the Atlantic and Gulf Coast allows for massive storms that form in the Atlantic to come ashore in coastal regions.

5. Ocean Currents

Ocean currents are literally aimed right at the east coast. The North Equatorial Current and Gulf Stream are practically aimed at the United States. With them comes severe weather.
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