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AAA Severe Weather Kit

How Does the AAA Weather Safety Kit Measure Up?

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AAA Severe Weather Kit

The AAA Severe Weather Kit is perfect for travel. Image is courtesy of http://www.safetykitsplus.com.

Car Emergency Kits are one of those items that everyone needs but rarely buys themselves. If you are shopping for a weather emergency kit for your home or car, you want the very best for your family. There are a multitude of weather safety products available online and in stores, but how do they compare? In this review, I am looking at the Premium Severe Weather Kit by AAA (Model # 4290AAA).

This is the safety kit I keep in my car. (I am always the one with jumper cables or Band-Aids in the back of my car.) Your chances of surviving an emergency or disaster situation increase significantly when you are prepared.

Contents of the Kit - Overall

The kit is housed in an easy to access double zippered bag with a convenient carry handle. The bag is made of a tough canvas material that will withstand abuse. The outside of the bag has reflective strips that would allow anyone to find the kit in the dark. I equate the carrying case with an airplane carry-on bag because inside are neatly zippered and compartmentalized sections. Each section holds various products in a clear vinyl pouch making finding the right items inside easy.


  • 1 Folding Shovel with sheath
  • 1 Emergency Survival Blanket
  • 1 Hand-charged flashlight
  • 1 Emergency whistle
  • 1 Led strobe with clip And magnet
  • 1 Ice scraper
  • 1 Fleece s including cap, scarf, and gloves
  • 2 Hand warmers
  • 3 Emergency candles
  • 1 Pack waterproof matches
  • 45 Pieces of first aid supplies
  • 1 AAA Emergency Car Care Guide
  • 1 AAA Member Brochure

Comments on the Contents

Inside the kit is the Emergency Car Care Guide and Maintenance Log. The booklet is in a convenient glove box reference that does not have to remain inside the safety kit. Instructions include how to jump start a battery, what to do in the event of a tire blow out, how to get your car unstuck from mud or snow, and mileage and maintenance records.

One of the things I love about this kit versus other available products is the room within the carry bag. Many kits jam pack so many products into the bags that there is little room left over for personalized products. For instance, it is always a good idea to keep some personal contact information in a car kit. I keep my insurance phone numbers as well as a disposable camera. That way, if there is an accident or problem, you can contact the insurance company and take accident scene photos. The second half of the kit contains only a collapsible shovel. That leaves room for your personalized items, which should also include the jumper cables.

Perhaps the best part of this kit is the fact that you may not have to get out the entire kit and search through piece by piece to find a band-aid. The first aid portion is in its own carry pouch that has a Velcro strip attaching it to the rest of the bag.

The History of AAA

For more than 100 years AAA has represented quality and value and has become the most trusted name in travel. With a shared commitment to better, safer travel, AAA and Lifeline First Aid, the manufacturer of the kits, collaborated to develop the product line. Other available products from AAA include kits with a Driving Survival book, a car emergency guide, and AAA Membership Brochures. Each of their products make perfect gifts for new drivers.

Where to Buy AAA Safety Kits

You can explore other safety kits exclusively from AAA at Amazon.com. Also featured is the SafetyKitsPlus website which features AAA Road Kits, First Aid Kits and Car Emergency Accessories. The AAA Brand Kits are packed with emergency supplies that keep you and your vehicle prepared for emergencies. In addition, this site features volume discount pricing and the ability to create custom emergency kits which can be imprinted with a company logo for a great corporate gift. Check out SafetyKitsPlus now for more details.

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