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Tropical Cyclones in the Philippines

PAGASA Storm Names


Tropical depressions usually do not get named. In the news media, storms will sometimes appear as a named tropical depression which goes against convention. This occurs when a storm gains sufficient wind speed to become a tropical storm, but later is downgraded again to a tropical depression.

One location that does consistently name tropical depressions is the Philippines. Since 1963, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has been assigning local storm names for everything from a typhoon to a tropical depression in the monitored area from 115E to 135E and from 5N to 25N. The names of the Philippine typhoons and tropical storms are listed in the Philippine Storm Names/PAGASA table below.

The general consensus is that local names are more easily remembered and heeded among the local islanders in the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR). Naming a tropical depression early is believed to allow residents to prepare for the sometimes disastrous flooding that can result from even a weak tropical depression. Once the names are used for the season, a set of auxiliary names is used. The names are then rotated annually. Every four years, the names start over again.

Other regions in the Western North Pacific use naming conventions contributed by a multitude of countries. Indian Ocean Cyclones also follow a different set of naming conventions.

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

PAGASA Storm Names
2009 2010 2011 2012
(2013) (2014) (2015) (2016)
Auring Agaton Amang Ambo
Bising Basyang Bebeng Butchoy
Crising Caloy Chedeng Cosme
Dante Domeng Dodong Dindo
Emong Ester Egay Enteng
Feria Florita Falcon Frank
Gorio Gloria Goring Gener
Huaning Henry Hanna Helen
Isang Inday Ineng Igme
Jolina Juan Juaning Julian
Kiko Katring Kabayan Karen
Labuyo Luis Lando Lawin
Maring Milenyo Mina Marce
Nando Neneng Nonoy Nina
Ondoy Ompong Onyok Ofel
Pepeng Paeng Pedning Pablo
Quedan Queenie Quiel Quinta
Ramil Reming Ramon Rolly
Santi Seiang Sendong Siony
Tino Tomas Tisoy Tonyo
Udang Usman Ursula Unding
Vinta Venus Viring Violeta
Wilma Waldo Weng Winnie
Yolanda Yayang Yoyoy Yoyong
Zoraida Zeny Zigzag Zosimo
Auxiliary Names
Alamid Agila Abe Alakdan
Bruno Bagwis Berto Baldo
Conching Chito Charo Clara
Dolor Diego Dado Dencio
Ernie Elena Estoy Estong
Florante Felino Felion Felipe
Gerardo Gunding Gening Gardo
Hernan Harriet Herman Heling
Isko Indang Irma Ismael
Jerome Jessa Jaime Julio