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Top 11 Funny Weather Videos and Bloopers


Sometimes, the violent weather storms we see making headline in the local news forecast are not the whole story! Weather has a funny side as you can see in these laughable moments in forecasting. There is even a lesson plan for teachers on weather misconceptions listed at the bottom!

1. A Holy Weather Forecast for the Cold

This weather forecaster is REALLY serious about upcoming cold temperatures.

2. A Most Unfortunate Experience

This poor weather reporter had a #2 reason for getting of the air.

3. German Forecaster Cannot Stop Laughing

While I have no idea what she is saying, this forecaster has an infectious laugh.

4. This Weather Girl Can't Get The Forecast Right!

Oh my goodness! Can you count the number of times this woman flubs her weather report?

5. The Incredible Invisible Weather Man

What is the matter with the tech department at this weather station?

6. Dust Devils and Hail Make Funny Weather Clip History

This weather blooper compilation is positively hilarious. One of the funniest free weather videos ever!

7. Weather Reports Can Really Catch Your Funny Bone...Or Tail Bone!

Some of these weather bloopers look like they hurt!

8. These Newscasters Look Like They Are Having Fun!

Live television can be funny! From twisted tongues to physical mishaps, these reporters deserve a round of applause!

9. Throwing Eggs at the Weather Woman?

What in the world is this egg about? I don't know but it is certainly funny!

10. A Hilarious Weather Channel Commercial

If commercials are supposed to sell a product, this one sure sells the Weather Channel.

11. A Weather Bloopers Lesson Plan For Teachers and Students

Share weather outtakes videos as an introduction to mistakes and then present this lesson plan on weather misconceptions. Designed for elementary school, this lesson and the videos will be a real crowd pleaser! Or try another weather misconception lesson plan.

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