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Top 10 Weather News Stories You Simply MUST Read


Perhaps you read the latest weather headlines...

El Nino is to Blame for Stronger Hurricanes!

Experts Predict Harsher Winter!

Family Killed by Flash Floods!

Although these are only sample headline stories, the titles are not far from the realities of weather forecasts. The weather is a part of everyone's life. Now, you can investigate some of the best weather stories from top experts all around the world. Join us in the weather forum if you have any discussion on a story!

1. Was 2006 the New Year for a Dust Bowl?

About.com Guide Larry West explores the environmental effects of droughts in the United States. With the year 2006 is focus, Mr. West explains the reason we may be in a situation similar to the 1930's Dust Bowl.

2. Is Global Warming For Real?

Human activity has always been blamed for climate change. But what is the real story? Some scientists have yet to support the idea of Global Warming despite overwhelming evidence for a potential global catastrophe. Here, the facts on Global Warming are spelled out. But on which side do you stand?

3. Canadians are Working to Cure the Environmental Problems with Global Warming

Susan Munroe explores the solutions to environmental destruction in Canada including information on the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and incentives created to send old, polluting cars to be scrapped at Car Heaven. With the entire global community at least aware of a potential environmental emergency in the near future, many countries are working towards sensible solutions for sustainability.

4. Are We Headed Towards Another Ice Age?

Being educated about Earth's past gives us a sense of how sensitive our environment really is. About.com expert Matt Rosenberg explores the issue of climate change from a different perspective. Could we be heading for another ice age? Exploring the interglacial periods of the past, Mr. Rosenburg explains the details of current temperature trends in a historical perspective in this intriguing news article.

5. Can the Environment be Altered by Climate Engineering?

Can we improve the environment we have destroyed? Climateering, or climate engineering, is the process of human intervention in creating a sounder environment through active control of atmospheric occurrences. Expert Andrew Alden explores the probability of changing our environment through scientific research and experimentation.

6. Global Warming, Widespread Wildfires, Warmer Temperatures...What's Next?

The Kyoto Protocol was designed to address issues of climate change around the world. With growing evidence for the need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, every world citizen should pay attention to this environmental treaty. Even with increased legislation on the environment, the question still remains...Are we doing enough to stop global warming?

7. Can We Heal the Ozone Layer?

The hole in the ozone seems to be "our" fault. The global community knows there is a problem, but what can be done about it? The first step is education. Learn the causes of the ozone layer hole and explore related topics on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Temperatures Around the World Soar - Top Record Breaking Temperatures

Many people feel the world temperatures are increasing due to global warming...But are they?

9. Will Mother Earth be Okay? Examining the Evidence for Key Environmental Issues

We have all heard the headlines...Pesticides, indoor air quality, starvation, global warming, ozone depletion, deforestation, environmental destruction, rising sea levels...The Doom and Gloom of the past may not be so...well...gloomy according to US Government Information Guide Robert Longley.

10. There is Some Ozone We WANT Destroyed

Even after all the news reports about the ozone layer hole, there are still those with misunderstandings about ozone in the atmosphere. Not all ozone is good for you and some of it is downright bad.

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