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The Best Weather Shows on Television

What to Watch for Weather Lovers


Weather science has come a long way. The weather is now a focus of multiple television shows and that has brought the scary and sometimes awe-inspiring focus on weather to the mainstream. Below is a list of some of the best weather shows on television from sources such as the Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, and even network TV. Many of the shows are off the air, but the video clips of the full show are provided.

1. Storm Stories

Even people who avoid weather forecasts (and are not real weather lovers), have heard of Storm Stories. This riveting show details particular storms giving forecast models, images, videos, and detailed first-hand accounts from storm survivors. This a must-watch weather television show and my personal favorite.

2. When Weather Changed History

I love this show. The information combines two very interesting topics. There are always 'ah-ha' moments in the show when you realize how much the weather has had an effect on historical events. You might also want to check out my weather history page which details the top 10 weather events that changed history and other stories such as profiles of famous storms.

3. Storm Chasers

Although some have given criticism to Storm Chasers as a television show for portraying storm chasing with too much glory and not enough science, the show is definitely a pulse-pounding thrill ride. So long as you can accept that storm chasing is dangerous (hence, don't try this at home), this show is a definite top 10 weather TV show.

4. Epic Conditions

For an adrenaline rush, see how climbers, surfers, snowboarders, and more battle the elements.

5. Full Force Nature

Full Force Nature is an original series that captures real-life images of nature's most awe-inspiring weather. Get a look at the wrath of Mother Nature and the people who have faced the most extreme weather conditions.

6. Tornado Road

Attention storm chasers! Tornado Road is the show for you. Each week, three teams of storm chasers follow a tornado on its path of destruction. Whether they are doing it for research, for science or a pure adrenaline fix, the teams share at least one common goal: The thrill of the chase.

7. It Could Happen Tomorrow

Can weather really cause that much destruction? YES! This show may give you the creeps as you think of all the ways we are just one meteorological event away from total disaster.

8. Man vs. Wild

While this Discovery Network semi-reality show is not purely focused on the weather like some of the others, Bear Grylls is often found in precarious situation specifically because of the weather. So if you need to learn to build a shelter in a blizzard, or get out of raging flood waters, this is the show for you.

9. Survivorman

Like other reality survival shows, this one offers survival tips that may or may not save your life. With weather being one of the largest factors in surviving some situations, this show is definitely worth a look.

10. Cantore Stories - On Top of the World

Jim Gagne is a Producer/Shooter/Editor for the Weather Channel. He submitted a wonderful video focusing on how people in Barrow Alaska live their lives. The video is pretty amazing. 3 of the 7 days of the shooting had wind chill at 50 below.

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