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Plan a Family Fun Night with a Winter Theme

Free Elementary Level Winter Holiday Worksheets for Kids


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During the winter season, it can be tough to keep kids entertained while they are stuck indoors. One sure cure to beat the winter blues and cabin fever is to create a family fun night complete with activities and games. In addition to use by families, elementary school teachers will find these as great resources for winter elementary lesson plans.

Fun Winter Weather Lessons

Free Printable Winter Worksheets

  • The Winter Mini Book

    You can color, cut and fold this pre-printed booklet for display at home or school. An idea might be to also add your own pages as a journal. Kids can keep a journal of the weather for several days and draw a picture of the daily sky conditions.

  • Holiday Paint by Numbers Worksheet

    Help very young students to learn how to stay in the lines when they color. I suggest making a larger version of this worksheet. You could also go outside and attach the paper to a window. Using washable markers, students can draw on a window or patio door at home to create their own window cling.

  • Color Your Own Mittens

    Kids can write a Holiday wish for themselves on one mitten and a wish for someone else on the other mitten. If you can direct the child to make both goals attainable, you can then have a lot of fun trying to make sure both goals are met.

  • Winter Cut-outs

    Print this worksheet as a model for creating clay ornaments for a tree, or put the image onto clear acetate overhead sheets and insert some fishing line to hang from a window.

  • A Winter Word Search

    This word search is easy to complete and helps teach letters.

  • Make a Snowman Paper Doll

    Kids will get a real kick out of this one. You might even try making your own snowman indoors with marshmallows.

  • Winter Similes Worksheet

    This is a wonderful way to get kids making associations.

  • Coloring Pages

    This gingerbread boy is easy to color and post on the refrigerator.

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