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Climate and Atmosphere Lessons

Elementary and Secondary Bulletin Board Sets


NASA CORE Resources for Educators

Many products are available to teacher, parents, and informal educators for minimal cost.

Climate and Atmosphere lessons are abundant on the internet, but some are not worth the time. This is not the case with NASA. NASA offers a program called the Central Operation of Resources for Educators. Otherwise known as CORE, this division of NASA is a vital resource for anyone teaching students of all levels about earth system science, space science, and the atmosphere. Parents and informal educators may also want to get these kits for decorating a child's room or posting in a hallway.

I have personally used so many of the educator resources here that I can confidently recommend them without reservation. Below is a list of the resources available on the atmosphere for FREE. This offer is for the 20th anniversary celebration of CORE and the offer expires in December of 2008. Products will still be available after this time, but not for free. Right now, all you do is pay shipping costs. 2 items are $7, 4 items are $14, and 6 items are just $21. Remember, there are literally thousands of products available at minimal costs. Details on ordering the products are available at the bottom of this page. And, you can also visit the NASA CORE home page at http://core.nasa.gov.

  1. Eye from the Sky This lithograph and poster set shows how NASA satellites help us to protect our planet.
  2. Investigate Earth System Science This Bulletin Board kit includes posters, booklets, fact sheets, and more. A cloud identification chart as well as a climate change book are included.
  3. The Air We Breathe This picture book introduces young students to the importance of the atmosphere on Earth. It is recommended for grades K-4.
  4. Atmospheric Detectives: ATLAS 2 Teacher's Guide with Activities This publication shows the connection between the activities of scientists and researches and the observable world of weather and climate.
  5. Changing Climate: Global Systems Science Student Guide Students take a "field trip" to Mauna Loa Observatory to see how scientists measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This book is designed for older students to begin thinking about the political, economic, and ethical impacts of global climate change.

To order the kits you may call 1-866-776-CORE or make checks payable to Lorain County JVS-NASA CORE at 15181 Route 58 South, Oberlin, OH 44074.

Other resources available at CORE include

  • Activity Kits
  • Bulletin Board Sets
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs
  • Slide Programs
  • Space Memorabilia
  • Videotapes
  • Captioned Titles for the Hearing Impaired
  • Descriptive Audio Titles for the Sight Impaired
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