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Elementary School Weather Science Lesson Plans for Teachers

Find links, lessons, and tutorials on weather topics. I am always happy to add new links to this list. If you have a high quality weather lesson plan, please email me and I will consider it for publication.

Show Air Has Volume
Air takes up space and has volume. Many younger elementary school students will sometimes think air does not take up space. This simple weather lesson plans will allow teachers to demonstrate a volume of air.

Demonstrate Air Has Mass
Air has mass, but this idea is difficult for younger students to understand. To many students, air simply exists as a weightless substance. Proving air has mass can be a wonderful weather lesson plan and classroom science demonstration for school or as the basis of a science fair project.

Free NASA Lesson Plans on the Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather
Get the information you need for free bulletin board sets from NASA on the weather. The fleet of satellites at NASA catch interesting and beautiful earth views from space that teach us lessons on the atmosphere, climate, and weather. Find out how to get your free lessons here.

Plan a Family Fun Night with a Winter Theme
Winter is a time for finding fun projects to do indoors and these lessons, worksheets, and fun activities will be the perfect family fun projects to complete while the weather is cold. Teachers, students, and families can get together to create fun Christmas and holiday greeting cards, dioramas, calendars, artwork, and more.

Weather Coloring Books for Kids
Weather coloring books are a fun and easy way to teach about severe storm safety and preparation. Students, teachers and families can get educated on the basics of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, winter storms, and flash floods through these informative and free weather downloads.

Weather Science Reading Integration Activity on Disaster Proof Housing
Follow Herman the Hermit Crab on his adventures to find a home that is disaster proof. This is an excellent reading-in-the-content-area mini book.

The Case of the Disappearing Water - Water Phase Changes
Students in grades 4-6 will find this lesson fun as they explore the water cycle.

Echo the Bat - Satellite Imagery and Weather Studies
You can order a free CD-ROM on Echo the Bat from NASA. Then explore weather satellite imagery with students to show forecasting techniques.

The Sierra Club Lesson on Reading and Severe Weather
Use reading integration to identify severe weather formations in the classroom.

NASA Classroom Modules - Cloud Formation and Climate
Explore the climate system and clouds in this upper elementary/middle school module. Includes aerosols, cloud classification and more.

NASA Classroom Modules - Precipitation and Climate
Precipitation and its relationship to the climate system are analyzed in this grade 5-8 classroom module. Includes technology and satellite information.

NASA Classroom Modules - Winds and the Climate System
Use TRMM satellite data and information to explore winds on the earth in this upper elementary/middle school lesson module. An excellent technology integration lesson.

Outdoor Climate Change Activity
Get outside! Explore climate change as students learn to gather scientific data and analyze charts and graphs.

Lightning: An Online Activity for Students
Play a game to learn about the process of thunderstorm formation and lightning in this excellent digital lab activity.

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