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Snow in Las Vegas
Snow in Las Vegas is not typical, but Vegas had snow in December of 2008. The snow storm was the worst in over 30 years.

Snow in New Orleans - December 2008
Snow in New Orleans is not a typical weather forecast, but there have been measurable amounts over the last 150+ years. Here are some photos from the snow in New Orleans in December 2008

Rare Winter Tornadoes Cause Widespread Death and Destruction
A rare series of February tornadoes raced across 5 states (Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama) causing widespread damage and at least 52 deaths.

The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 Image Gallery
The Great New England Hurricane, also known as the Long Island Express, was a massive storm that struck very far north on the East coast of the United States in 1938.

The Tabasco Floods
The Tabasco floods of 2007 were a horrific example of the ways in which floodwaters can affect almost an entire population. Many of the victims lost everything they had with over half of the population of the State of Tabasco, Mexico affected.

Smog and Air Pollution in China
Air quality is a concern for the over 10,000 athletes scheduled to compete in the 2008 summer Olympic games in Beijing, China. Heavy smog from vehicle emissions and industrialization have created dangerous particulate and ozone pollution levels in the region sparking many to be concerned about the athletes and spectators for the Olympic games.

The National Weather Festival Storm Chaser Car Show
Images from the National Weather Festival feature the cars of storm chasing. The 2nd Annual Storm Chaser Car Show featured awards such as the meatwagon award, most hail damage, and most working sensors. The event brings in severe weather enthusiasts, storm chasers, and tornado researchers from around the country.

Lightning Pictures
Lightning photos and diagrams show the beauty of a thunderstorm.

Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley Pictures
Enjoy historical weather imagery as you browse this photo gallery from Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley. Bentley was a farmer in Jericho, Vermont who taught himself to take pictures of snowflake crystals giving rise to the idea that no two snowflakes are alike.

Amateur Weather Photo Submissions
User submission of stock photos is what keeps this weather page popular among readers! Get the latest news about weather and severe storm phenomena as you browse pictures and images from people just like you!

Global Warming Images and Graphs

Hurricane Tracking Maps 1995-2006 - Atlantic and Pacific Storm Paths


Weather Map Symbols


Weather Guide Photos

North Carolina and Virginia Tornadoes
North Carolina and Virginia tornado damage images from the April 2011 storm.

HOW Program Highlights - Day 1
The NASA History of Winter Program is highlighted as teacher participants show activities they have completed on the first day of the program in 2009.

NASA History of Winter Video
The History of Winter or HOW is described in this NASA eClips program.

Top 10 Downloadable Videos on the Birth of Hurricanes
Get up close and personal with a hurricane with images and clips from NASA and other top news organizations! These exciting and free downloadable videos from NASA satellites all around the globe will allow you to see hurricanes as you have never seen them before.

Books That Teach the Science Behind Movies
Using clips of the movie Twister starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton is something all students in the classroom can relate to. Find out the REAL science behind the movie.

Hurricanes, Tornados, and Thunderstorms Movie
NOVA presents this wonderful video on hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms along with a teachers lesson guide. The video is in three parts so it is easy to watch!

Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Movie
UARS launched in 1991 and was recently decommissioned. It was designed to measure ozone depletion, winds, and atmosphere composition. Courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center SVS. (File=MPEG-1, 171mb, 17 min long)

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