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An Introduction to Weather Map Symbols and Terminology


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Wind Barbs Show Wind Direction and Speed in Knots
Wind Speed Barbs

Wind Barbs Indicate Wind Speed and Direction on Weather Station Models

NOAA National Weather Service
Wind barbs are used to show wind intensity with a series of small pennants.
  • A full blacked pennant or triangle is 50 knots of speed
  • A full line on the wind barb is 10 knots of speed
  • A half line is 5 knots of speed

1 knot = 1.1507788 miles per hour

The information for wind speed is always given in knots. All you have to do is add up the numbers on the wind barb and you get the wind speed.

To get the wind direction, all you have to do is imagine a compass placed right over top the wind diagram or station model and it will point to the wind direction.

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