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A Georgia Christmas

From Rachelle Oblack,
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Will Your State Have a White Christmas?


Here are the lists of locations in Georgia for which meteorologists and statisticians have gathered climate data on the chances of a Georgia White Christmas. Listings are for snow depths of 1 inch, 5 inches, and 10+ inches respectively in select cities in Georgia. You can also check the statistics on other state White Christmas probabilities here. Once you have explored the snow statistics for the holidays, take the White Christmas Quiz.

Georgia White Christmas Forecasts

Percent Chance of a Georgia White Christmas


Snow depth in inches =





Athens 0%0%0%
Atlanta 0%0%0%
Augusta 0%0%0%
Brunswick 4%0%0%
Columbus 0%0%0%
Macon 0%0%0%
Savannah 3%0%0%

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Source: National Climatic Data Center Research Customer Service Group

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