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Get educated about the weather! Find weather activities, coloring books, and games, suitable for school projects, show-and-tells, or teaching weather in the classroom. Looking for a weather job? We've got a list of the best career resources too.
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How to Become a Meteorologist
Advice on how to get the right education that'll prepare you for a successful career in weather.

NWS Owlie Skywarn Weather Activity Books
Make learning weather safety fun for kids with the National Weather Service's Owlie Skywarn activity book. Coloring pages and weather quizzes are included!

Leon the Lion's Lightning Safety Game
Keep Leon safe from a lightning strike! (courtesy of NOAA)


Cloud Memory Game

Build your memory and cloud recognition skills. (courtesy of UCAR/NCAR)

How to Stay Safe in Any Weather Situation
Weather safety and preparedness tips and checklists, including how to recognize signs of developing/approaching severe weather.

Free Weather Calculators
Weather calculations are easy even with complex forumlas with a weather calculator. The National Weather Service offers a series of calculators to help everyone from entusiasts, to students, to teachers.

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