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Tiffany Means

Tiffany Means

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Tiffany has been finding beauty skyward and sharing it with others since the age of 5. By twelve, she formally settled her academic interests on weather--thanks in part to the release of the blockbuster film Twister. Since those days, Tiffany has interned with the domestic and international weather departments at CNN, written monthly climate reports for NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, and participated in a number of science outreach opportunities within her community. She has personally experienced such weather greats as the Blizzard of 1993, and the floods of Hurricane Francis (2004) and Ivan (2004).


Tiffany holds a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science with a concentration in weather forecasting from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

By Tiffany Means:

Weather affects us all. We check it on a daily basis, and even discuss it while engaging in conversation with complete strangers--but weather is so much more than 5-day forecasts and small talk! Through my enthusiasm for and expertise in the weather sciences, I hope to spark your curiosity about our atmosphere, create an awareness that will keep you "weather safe," and strengthen your environmental responsibility to our atmosphere, water, and earth.

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