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What is Convectional Rain?

By November 24, 2007

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Rain comes from clouds and you need an umbrella...Is that all you know about rain? Well, there is a lot more to this seemingly simple, yet complex atmospheric process. There are generally three different types of rain that can occur in an area.
  1. Convectional Rain
  2. Orographic Rain
  3. Frontal Rain
The process of convection in the atmosphere occurs when warm air rises. (Technically speaking, the air is less dense as a result of thermal expansion.) When conditions are right, the sun can intensely heat the ground causing warm air to rise. This air cools as it rises in the atmosphere and eventually reaches a dew point temperature causing clouds to form. Included in this weather forecasting lesson is a printable pdf document for teachers and students. More lessons in the Rain Series (where I will cover the next two types of rain) will be available in the next few days. Read more on convection rain...


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